BBC does not want the truth out about why antidepressants are being used far too much

Instead of telling the truth, which James Davies from Council for Evidence-based Psychiatry had told the BBC before its radio programme, this happened:

‘we heard a very confident GP referring to depression as a “chronic condition” while stating that antidepressants in many instances are “life-saving.” And we heard the President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists alluding to the ‘fact’ that antidepressants are not over- but under-prescribed. Such unsupported claims simply made my head spin, but I shall not test your patience by rehearsing the rebuttals here — I trust you have these already at hand.’

See James’ account of the events here. It is really depressing. Antidepressants are not life-saving. They kill. By increasing suicides, by causing falls and hip fractures in the elderly, and by several other means, including prolonging the QT-interval, which can lead to sudden cardiac death.