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Antidepressant drugs do not work for depression and increase the risk of suicide

Finnish psychiatry professor Erkki Isometsä argues in Helsingin Sanomat (10 March) that antidepressant drug have clear benefits and that I ignore evidence to the contrary. I do not. I have gone carefully through a vast body of research, which includes unpublished data Isometsä has never seen because we got the study reports from the European…

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BBC does not want the truth out about why antidepressants are being used far too much

Instead of telling the truth, which James Davies from Council for Evidence-based Psychiatry had told the BBC before its radio programme, this happened: ‘we heard a very confident GP referring to depression as a “chronic condition” while stating that antidepressants in many instances are “life-saving.” And we heard the President of the Royal College of…

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Editorial Misconduct: Finnish Medical Journal Rejects Paper on Suicide Risk

Editorial misconduct is as serious as scientific misconduct, and doctors should know how dangerous antidepressants are, at all ages. I have therefore told the story on Mad in America where I have also uploaded my correspondence with the Finnish Medical Journal regarding my paper they rescinded their offer to publish.

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Drug consumption in psychiatry is harmful

Translation of two articles published in Danish newspaper Politiken 30 August 2015 Politiken Sunday, 30 August 2015 Front page By Lars Igum Rasmussen Professor: Drug consumption in psychiatry is harmful The consumption of drugs is “insanely high,” warns known professor. It should be substantially reduced since the drugs do more harm than good, he says.…

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