Udtrapning af psykofarmaka

Heldagskursus for patienter og sundhedsprofessionelle
12. juni 2017 i København. Se programmet og tilmeld dig her.

Retssager om tvangsmedicinering i psykiatrien
Det Nordiske Cochrane Center søger kontakt til patienter, der har klaget til byretten eller andre retslige instanser over tvangsmedicinering med psykofarmaka og har fået deres sag afgjort der. Vi arbejder på et forskningsprojekt i samarbejde med en advokat i Alaska, som har vundet en højesteretssag om tvangsmedicinering til patientens fordel.

Vort projekt går ud på at undersøge, om den fornødne retssikkerhed for patienterne er til stede i sådanne sager, og om de argumenter, der fremføres i retssagerne, er holdbare, både i videnskabelig og etisk forstand.  Du vil naturligvis blive garanteret fuld anonymitet.

Henvendelse til general@cochrane.dk eller til 35 45 71 12.

Let’s talk withdrawal. Podcasts, James Moore interviews people.

The book came out 1 September 2015:

Has also appeared in:

See Chapter 1 here (English and Danish)

Dr. Peter Gøtzsche: Forced Psychiatric Treatment Must Be Abolished. You Tube video and transscript, Anchorage, 2 June 2016

International meeting: Psychiatric drugs do more harm than good
Wednesday 16 September 2015, København. See the programme and the talks and discussions.

There was also a 1-day conference organised by the Council for Evidence-based Psychiatry in London on 18 Sep 2015, entitled: “More Harm Than Good: Confronting the Psychiatric Medication Epidemic”.  See http://cepuk.org/moreharmthangood/

Bizarre events related to the Maudsley debate: ”This house believes that the long term use of psychiatric medications is causing more harm than good.”

Some people have wondered why the Cochrane leadership tried to denigrate my research about the harms of psychiatric drugs in relation to the Maudsley debate, which took place in London on 13 May 2015.
Read more here

Professor Peter C Gøtzsche’s book
Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime Gotzsche-book-cover-300
from 2013 won first prize in the “Basis of Medicine” category of the 2014 British Medical Association’s
annual book awards.

Has also appeared in:

Gøtzsche wrote this book to alert people to two terrible facts:

  1. Prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer.
  2. The behaviour of Big Pharma fulfils the criteria for organised crime in US law.

From the Introduction:

The main reason we take so many drugs is that drug companies don’t sell drugs, they sell lies about drugs. This is what makes drugs so different from anything else in life … Virtually everything we know about drugs is what the companies have chosen to tell us and our doctors … the reason patients trust their medicine is that they extrapolate the trust they have in their doctors into the medicines they prescribe. The patients don’t realise that, although their doctors may know a lot about diseases and human physiology and psychology, they know very, very little about drugs that hasn’t been carefully concocted and dressed up by the drug industry … If you don’t think the system is out of control, then please email me and explain why drugs are the third leading cause of death … If such a hugely lethal epidemic had been caused by a new bacterium or a virus, or even one hundredth of it, we would have done everything we could to get it under control.​

Gøtzsche exposes in his book the pharmaceutical industries and their charade of fraudulent behavior, both in research and marketing where the morally repugnant disregard for human lives is the norm. In this way, there is little difference to the tobacco conglomerates, which also succeeded to confuse and distract the public and their politicians for decades. The book addresses, in evidence-based detail with more than 900 references, an extraordinary system failure caused by widespread crime, corruption, bribery and impotent drug regulation in need of radical reforms. Gøtzsche suggest a number of such reforms and also what the patients can do under the current system to protect themselves against ineffective and lethal drugs.

Some lectures and interviews

Forced Admission and Treatment in Psychiatry are Violations of Basic Human Rights and Must be Abolished. Lecture in Anchorage, 2 June 2016.

TV fra en anden planet (in Danish, 56 min.). Om medicinalindustriens forbrydelser og krisen i psykiatrien. Juni 2015.

Mental Health – Overdiagnosed & Overmedicated, Melbourne, 11 Feb 2015 (1h32min)

Psychiatry gone astray, Santa Rosa, 10 Nov 2014 (7 minutes)

Big pharma and organised crime, Santa Rosa, 10 Nov 2014 (7 minutes)

Mammography screening, just say no, Santa Rosa, 10 Nov 2014 (7 minutes)

The Cochrane Collaboration, Santa Rosa, 10 Nov 2014 (5 minutes)

The pharmaceutical drug epidemic. Peter Gøtzsche on the Daily Show, 16 Sept 2014 (6 minutes, can only be seen in the United States)

The Cochrane Collaboration, organised crime in the drug industry, and psychiatry. Overdiagnosis meeting in Dartmouth, 12  Sept 2013 (16 minutes)


On the wrong track in psychiatry. Meeting in Copenhagen, 14 May 2014 (53 minutes, English subtitles). Discussion with Robert Whitaker (46 minutes, in English).

Psychiatry gone astray.  Course for patients and professionals in Denmark, 3 Oct 2013 (1 hour, English subtitles). With Portuguese subtitles.

Interesting websites about the current crisis in psychiatry

Mad in America, award winning science journalist Robert Whitaker’s website about why psychiatry hasn’t delivedered what it promised

Psychiatrist David Healy‘s website, about the risks of taking prescription drugs

Psychiatrist Peter Breggin’s website, about why and how to avoid psychiatric drugs

Council for Evidence-based Psychiatry communicates  evidence of the harmful effects of psychiatric drugs

DearLuiseBuy and read this book, which is about a woman killed with antipsychotic drugs that she begged to avoid. According to psychiatrist David Healy, it is “one of most extraordinary books about healthcare ever written … Dear Luise is about the dark side of medicine – the side that offers doctors the opportunities to kill without detection.” – See more at Healy’s website.